40% Off Tickets Across the Greyhound Bus Network Valid for Point-to-Point Premium Fares from Greyhound Australia


September 28, 2021

The Offer

Eager travellers are given a 40% discount towards Greyhound bus transport across Australia. After choosing the preferred destination, passengers can enjoy a ride in a modern coach featuring large, panoramic windows and oversized seats. Most of the buses have onboard bathroom facilities. The offer includes point-to-point premium fares.

Greyhound Australia

Boasting over 110 years of experience,¬†Greyhound Australia is one of the oldest coach companies in the world, and Australia’s only national coach service. Their team of professional drivers takes passengers to a choice of destinations across the country. These include big cities and popular spots as well as places off the beaten track. An array of ticketing options allows travellers to hop on various buses and design the trips along the way.

  • See network map here.