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One 30-Minute Kati Abhyanga (Back Massage)

A suitable way to soothe and revitalise the back and shoulders, this massage aims to relieve discomfort and acute backaches, stiffness, arthritis, lumbar spondylosis, spinal issues, sciatica and trapped nerves. For best results, a course of five to seven sessions is recommended and can be combined with Kati Vasthi.

One 60-Minute Abhyanga (Full Body Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage)

This authentic Ayurvedic full body massage uses warm herb-infused oil and gentle pressure and makes for a great treatment for discomfort. During the massage, herbal oils penetrate the layers of the skin, nourishing the whole body system and liquefying toxins, so that they can be easily expelled. It brings about deep relaxation to the body and a peaceful mind, nourishes the body tissues and promotes radiance. It cleanses and moisturises the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated.

All treatments are provided by highly trained and specialised Ayurvedic therapists overseen by the in-house Ayurvedic doctor.