Two, Three or Four Salted Caramel Frozen Yogurts with Four Toppings at Pinkberry
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  • Type of food: frozen yogurt
  • What’s included: two to four salted caramel frozen yogurt swirls with four toppings of choice
  • Fresh fruit toppings include: blackberry | mango | raspberry | kiwi | strawberry | mochi | blueberry | pom seeds | passion fruit juice balls | strawberry juice balls
  • Chocolate and candy toppings include: chocolate sprinkles | chocolate blossoms | fruity Haribo bears | mini gems | cookies and cream | brownie bites | dark chocolate crisps | dark chocolate sprinkles | white chocolate sprinkles | white chocolate crunch
  • Nut and cereal toppings include: Cookie Crisp | curiously cinnamon | honey granola | waffle cookie | hazelnut crunch
  • Liquid toppings include: caramel | chocolate sauce | light agave | strawberry puree

*This service will not be available during Government-mandated lockdowns.