Two or Four Scratch Repair Nano Cloths
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  • Repair cloth for minor paint surface treatment (nail marks, shallow scratches, sand grinding marks)
  • Adopting nano special micro-dissolving technology, they can break down scratches, paint molecules, activated colour difference through the friction coefficient of micro-metal powder to achieve the effect of removing marks
  • Easy to use regardless of paint colour
  • Universally fit
  • Dimensions: 20cm x 10cm
  • How to use:
    • Clean the scratched surface before use
    • After the surface drying, wipe the scratched surface with repair cloth until scratches disappear
    • Repair cloth is reusable – can turn black due to oxidation and removal of dirt and stains, but this does not reduce the polishing ability
    • Do not use it where the paint is clear
    • If the repair cloth drops to the ground and is smeared with dust and sand, don’t use it any more to avoid secondary scratches
    • This product is unwashable
    • Spray a bit of water on it if it is too dry