Six Sessions of Laser Hair Removal on Choice of Area at Accurate Laser (Up to 93% Off)
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  • What’s included: six sessions of laser hair removal on choice of area

  • What does laser hair removal involve?*

Laser hair removal aims to reduce unwanted hair on specific parts of the body. Chosen areas are exposed to specially developed laser technology, which is designed to target the hair-inducing melanin found in follicles.

What happens at the sessions?

The first session will begin with a consultation. Then, the treatment will commence, with one month left between the sessions.

What areas can be targeted?

  • Small areas include: upper lip, chin, nipples, mid-brow, big toe
  • Small to medium areas include: top bikini line, feet and toes, underarms, jaw line, side-burn ear lobes, cheeks, nose, naval line, hands¬†and fingers
  • Medium areas include: front of neck, back of neck, beard, middle chest line, elbow, knees, shoulder
  • Medium to large areas include: perianal and cheek line, front and back of neck,¬†forehead, lower arm
  • Large areas include: Lower legs , Upper Leg, Lower arms & Fingers, Upper
    Arms, Abdomen, chest, lower back, upper back, buttocks, face, forehead with hairline, shoulder and shoulder blade, Hollywood or Brazilian

  • Extra large areas include: full legs, full arms, full back