Fairground Games
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Mini Candy Grabber

  • Candy arcade game can be enjoyed in the comfort of home
  • Pop in a coin or token and try grab favourite sweets using three joysticks
  • Battery-powered
  • Removable lid to easily fill with sweets
  • Sweets not included
  • Three D batteries required (not included)
  • Package dimensions: 35.5cm x 27cm x 20cm

Fairground Coin Pusher

  • Includes bag novelty coins, four LED lights and music
  • Plastic coins can be changed to real 1p or 5p coins
  • Four D cell batteries required (not included)

Rocket Candy Grabber

  • Includes eight alien toys, LED lights and sound effects
  • Joystick and buttons
  • Ideal as a gift for family or friends
  • Three AAA batteries required (not included)

Ferris Wheel Duck Shoot

  • Rotating wheels design
  • Digital display
  • Dimensions: 6.9cm x 32cm x 36cm
  • Six AA batteries required (not included)