10-Pack ($19) or 20-Pack ($29) of Milano Aroma Scented Oils (Don’t Pay up to $198)
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The Deal

$19 for 10-Pack of Milano aroma scented oils (Don’t pay $99)

$29 for 20-Pack of Milano aroma scented oils (Don’t pay $198)


  • Each gift box comes with 10 fragrances
  • Amber-coloured bottles
  • Capacity: 10ml (each bottle)


  • Orange: familiar, citrusy fragrance
  • Lavender: promotes calm and tranquillity
  • Tea Tree: distinctive and relaxing zesty smell
  • Peppermint: famous for zingy and invigorating properties
  • Eucalyptus: airy and distinct camphoraceous scent
  • Lemongrass: crisp, subtle and clean scent with herbaceous aroma
  • Jasmine: a rich and heady floral scent that can improve mood
  • Rose: positive sweet and dry scent
  • Bergamot: sweet and citrusy scent with subtle, spicy undertones; known to eliminate bad odours
  • Sandalwood: rich, woody and sweet scent that can encourage relaxation